Edward Hitler
Eddie in series one





Place of Residence

The Flat, Hammersmith, London

Played by

Adrian Edmondson

Edward "Eddie" Hitler is one of the two main characters in Bottom. He is a cheerfully violent achoholic.

Appearance Edit

Eddie wears glasses, a brown suit and a white shirt with a black spotted tie (Which he tucks inside his trousers) on closer inspection one can see that Eddie’s suit jacket and trousers have several stains and frays. Despite having a shaven head, he has sideburns.

He also has a brown trilby hat and a tweed coat. He has two friends, who he met down the pub, called Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog.

Characterisation Edit

Eddie is dispomaniacal, crude, violent and deranged alcoholic. Eddie seems to have quite good general knowledge, which he keeps to himself. He can play chess (and spends seven hours trying, unsuccessfully, to teach Richie), he knows a fair amount about Napoleon and Wellington (who Richie claims invented the Chelsea Boot) and appears well versed in the works of Vivaldi, (whom Richie believes to be a football player).

Eddie is also a great one for plans - though most involve trying to get a free pint from Dick Head, the landlord at the Lamb and Flag.

One such scheme, in the episode "Dough", involved Eddie printing counterfeit money, which he plasters with pornographic doodles of the Royal Family and other such celebrities (on the £5 the Queen "gets her jugs out", on the £10 note there is an orgy involving Meryl Streep, the Duke of Edinburgh and Bobby Charlton, and on the £27 note there is a picture of Sylvester Stallone "fisting" Mr MacHenry from The Magic Roundabout.

Unemployment Edit

Eddie's alcoholism and violent nature mean that he has not been able to hold down a steady job since his very short-lived career as a "bunny girl", back in 1978, and it is unlikely that any landlord would grant him tenancy, even if he could afford the rent. He is therefore forced to rely upon Richie's charity.  However, there's some suggestion that Eddie might have had some previous employment as a skilled tradesman as he also reads a welding magazine and is quite handy with tools which are often used to rescue parts of Richie's anatomy that have been inadvertently severed or glued together.  

Relatives Edit

Eddie's uncle used to work in a prison, (really a prisoner) peeling potatoes, sewing mailbags and doing 'anything they told him to do', and also Eddie's mother was a wrestler named "Adolf Hitler" who abandoned him when he was young leaving him her old service revolver and a note saying "Please look after my baby, I can't be bothered".

Death Edit

Eddie and Richie planned to blackmail the prime minister, but instead failed, and the police came immediately, and shot them dead.